Reducing Pampas Grass

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When to prune? The correct time to prune a mature Pampas Grass is in spring. (March to April) Pruning will allow this year’s new growth to get more light. Pampas Grass also known as Cortaderia Selloana is a grass species which can be hard to handle so caution is required.  Caution – Pampas Grass is […]

Painting Wooden Structure

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The cost of purchasing and having installed a wooden structure at your property is not cheap.  Wooden structures can cover a wide variety of structures from sheds, summer houses, arches, carports, gazebos, pergolas, arbours, pavilions, wooden hot tub shelters, BBQ shelters, log cabins. Plus, after covid more and more professionals are working from home. The […]

Lawn Care Scarification

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What is Scarification?   Scarification is a lawn care process to remove the moss and dead organic matter also known as thatch from your turf.  Why Scarify? If you do not scarify your lawn at least once a year your lawn can end up suffocating. Once a lawn has been scarified nutrients and water can easily […]

Lawn Care Overseeding and Top dressing

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Overseeding and Top dressing After scarification or aeration Clive’s Gardening Services recommend your lawn is overseeded and top-dressed with the secret CGS blend. The short video below shows how the lawn looked after it was scarified. As usual with our lawn care work, we do a pre-cut of the lawn first. What is Overseeding?   Overseeding […]

Lawn Care Hollow Tine Aeration

Lawn Scarifying & Aeration Services - Clives Gardening Services

What is Aeration?   Aeration reduces the compaction of your lawn. As lawns struggle when stressed and lose their colour and health it is a required annual lawn care process.  Why Aerate your turf? Before you aerate your lawn, your sward will have week shallow roots and the soil will be compact. The aerator machine removes […]

Cloud Tree Shaping Topiary

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The History of Topiary Art Around 44BC in the time of Julius Caesar the first Topiary gardens were introduced to Roman Gardens. In the 16th Century parterres were seen in wealthy family’s gardens. During this period the traditional shapes balls, cubes, cones and spirals and pyramids came into fashion. In the 17th century more complicated […]