Lawn Care Overseeding and Top dressing

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Lawn Care Overseeding and Top dressing

Overseeding and Top dressing

After scarification or aeration Clive’s Gardening Services recommend your lawn is overseeded and top-dressed with the secret CGS blend. The short video below shows how the lawn looked after it was scarified.

As usual with our lawn care work, we do a pre-cut of the lawn first.

What is Overseeding? 

 Overseeding is a process where a thin layer of grass seed is broadcast over your lawn to help thicken up and fill in any bald areas of lawn. Unfortunately, due to the size of grass seed it isn’t really a process you can see in an image.

CGS mix there blend a barrow load at a time so there is control on the measuring.

What is top dressing? 

Top dressing is a blend of sand, compost and fertilisers thinly spread over a lawn. No two companies will use the same top-dressing blend unless they buy a bought in blend. CGS Mix their own blend and our results are proven not promised.

At this barn conversion in Clitheroe, we are top dressing the main lawn next to the paddock.  With the materials now on site. See below.

CGS mix by the barrow load to get an accurate mix across the wholke lawn.

When spreading the top-dressing blend do a section at a time. 

Continue working outing to the gate until the job is completed.

When the job is complete bear in mind the lawn cannot be cut for six to eight weeks.

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