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Fence Installation

At Clive’s Gardening Services (CGS), we’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with local expert contractors to offer a complete fencing solution for your property.

Pruning & Shaping

Revitalize your garden with CGS Pruning & Shaping, where skilled hands shape and nurture every leaf. Clive creates lush landscapes through precision and artful pruning.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Trust CGS for Commercial Grounds maintenance services, where expertise meets outdoor excellence.

Garden Maintenance

Trust CGS for comprehensive maintenance services, where expertise meets outdoor excellence.

Fence Treatments

Revamp your outdoor aesthetics with CGS Fence Painting – where expert colour meets durable protection.

Jet Washing

Experience a renewal of your outdoor spaces with CGS Jetwashing, where our high-pressure cleaning techniques bring surfaces back to life.


Revitalise your garden with CGS Planting, where skilled hands shape and nurture every leaf. Clive creates lush landscapes through precision planting.

Hedging & Topiary

Transform your landscape with CGS Topiary, where artistry meets precision. Clive sculpts hedges into exquisite shapes, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor space.


Experience the satisfaction of a perfectly trimmed lawn with CGS, as we strive to create an inviting outdoor environment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and residents.

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Transforming Landscapes with Expertise

With a commitment to excellence, our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to elevate your green haven. From Prestige Property Gardening that reflects opulence and sophistication to meticulous LawncareHedge Trimming, and specialised treatments, CGS transforms ordinary landscapes into extraordinary outdoor sanctuaries.

With a keen eye for detail and sustainable practices, we nurture lush lawns, sculpt impeccable hedges, and curate gardens that harmonize with the changing seasons.

Our dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with the latest horticultural techniques, ensures that each project is a testament to the artistry and care we bring to every outdoor space. Trust Clive’s Gardening Services to turn your landscaping dreams into a reality, where expertise and passion converge to create enduring natural masterpieces.

Reasons To Choose CGS

Elevate your prestigious property with Clive’s Gardening Services‘ exclusive Prestige Property Gardening. CGS specialises in crafting bespoke landscaping solutions that reflect opulence and sophistication.


CGS have been established since 2018

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