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Lawn Care Hollow Tine Aeration

What is Aeration? 

 Aeration reduces the compaction of your lawn. As lawns struggle when stressed and lose their colour and health it is a required annual lawn care process. 

Why Aerate your turf?

Before you aerate your lawn, your sward will have week shallow roots and the soil will be compact. The aerator machine removes hollow tines which are about 50-100mm long and about 15mm diameter removing these tines on a regular spacing all over your lawn you are allowing for air, water, and nutrients to get to the grassroots. Six to eight weeks later after aeration the lawn will have deeper roots and the lawn will be denser.

When to aerate your lawn?

This annual process should be carried out once a year between spring and late summer.

Lawn conditions when Aerating

The aerator machine is a heavy piece of equipment weighed down with two weights. Therefore, a lawn needs to firm not soft when the process is carried out.

Hollow Tine Aeration

CGS find it best when aerating the lawn to give it a treatment two weeks before to give it extra strength.

On the day of the aeration process first CGS do a pre mow.

Then aerate using the hollow tine aerator.

Blow the organic matter into a pile, remove green waste off the lawn.

Do a post cut with the mower.

After Aeration

Clive’s Gardening Services do recommend after the process a light overseeding and a light topdressing to help thicken up the grass and improve drainage.

Lawn Treatments

It is important to have CGS maintain your lawn treatment programme after aeration to keep your lawn healthy and the moss under control.

The images show the process, and the video shows the aerated lawn area at this bungalow with its newly hard landscaped garden.

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