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Lawn Care Scarification

What is Scarification? 

 Scarification is a lawn care process to remove the moss and dead organic matter also known as thatch from your turf. 

Why Scarify?

If you do not scarify your lawn at least once a year your lawn can end up suffocating. Once a lawn has been scarified nutrients and water can easily get through to the grassroots.

When to scarify?

A lawn area should really be scarified twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the autumn.


CGS find the best process for scarifying is two weeks before applying a lawn treatment.

On the day of the scarification process first do a pre mow.

Then scarify using the scarifier.

Blow the organic matter into a pile, remove off the lawn.

Do a post cut with the mower.

If the lawn has a heavy infestation with moss or a lot of thatch a deeper second scarification might also be required.

After scarification

Depending on how much thatch has been removed from the lawn sometimes after the process a lawn will need overseeding and a light topdressing to help thicken up the grass.

Recovery time

A lawn depending on its health will take 4 – 8 weeks to recover from scarification. In warm weather if the lawn has been overseeded and top-dressed a new grass can germinate in 7 days. It will be 6 weeks before it can have its first high cut after germination.

Lawn Treatments

It is important to have CGS maintain your lawn treatment programme after scarification to keep your lawn healthy and the moss under control.

The images show the process, and the video shows the scarified turning circle on the driveway at this prestige property.

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