Reducing Pampas Grass

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Reducing Pampas Grass

When to prune?

The correct time to prune a mature Pampas Grass is in spring. (March to April)

Pruning will allow this year’s new growth to get more light. Pampas Grass also known as Cortaderia Selloana is a grass species which can be hard to handle so caution is required. 

Caution – Pampas Grass is sharp and can easily cut through skin. Always wear a long-sleeved sweatshirt and strong gardening gloves when handling a pampas grass plant.

How often to prune?

Prune annually to keep the plant under control and to keep it looking tidy. If not pruned it will more than likely rot form the inside out as water will be retained in the heart of the plant. With the centre of the plant rotting the plant can spread outwards and take over your garden.

Reasons for pruning

The main reasons for pruning a Pampas Grass include:

Keeping the plant in a good healthy shape.

To help manage the size of the plant, it is easier to remove a section or divide the plant when it has been cut short.

If the Pampas Grass is out growing your garden, you can remove it with a mattock when it is cut short. If it is a large old plant a mini digger may be required.

Tools required for pruning.

When pruning a Pampas grass Clive’s Gardening Services use a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, yes, a chainsaw to cut through grass! Plus, a grass rake.


Prune the plant back a bit at a time raking off the cut grass each time you take the plant down a bit shorter. The goal is to end up with just a crown about 30 – 45 cm high as the image shows. These plants are very resilient, and you will not kill it taking too much off.

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