Roses in Bloom: A Monthly Care Guide for Year-Round Elegance

Follow Clive’s Gardening Services rose calendar for perfect roses this year.

January: New Beginnings

As the new year unfolds, kickstart your rose care routine:

– Check for winter damage and prune accordingly.

– Apply a slow-release fertilizer to prep for the upcoming growing season.

– Inspect for pests and take preventive measures.

February: Pruning Precision

Fine-tune your roses for optimal shape and health:

– Complete pruning before new growth begins.

– Remove any dead or crossing branches.

– Consider adding organic matter to the soil for a nutrient boost.

March: Awakening Beauties

Embrace the first signs of spring with targeted care:

– Start a regular watering schedule as the weather warms.

– Apply a balanced fertilizer to support emerging growth.

– Keep an eye out for aphids and other pests.

April: Blooms Bursting Forth

As your garden transforms, focus on nurturing the blossoms:

– Continue regular watering, ensuring soil remains consistently moist.

– Deadhead spent blooms to encourage new flower production.

– Mulch around the base to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

May: Thriving in Full Bloom

Celebrate the full splendour of your roses with dedicated attention:

– Monitor for diseases like black spot and treat promptly if detected.

– Consider providing additional support for tall varieties.

– Keep an eye on weather forecasts to protect against late frosts.

June: Summertime Radiance

With summer in full swing, maintain the vibrancy of your roses:

– Water deeply during dry spells, ensuring roots receive ample hydration.

– Apply a layer of mulch to regulate soil temperature and conserve moisture.

– Regularly inspect for signs of pests and intervene as needed.

July: Midsummer Brilliance

Sustain the beauty of your roses amid the summer heat:

– Deadhead spent blooms to promote continuous flowering.

– Check for signs of nutrient deficiencies and address accordingly.

– Consider adding a layer of compost to replenish soil nutrients.

August: Enduring the Heat

Navigate the peak of summer with care to prevent stress:

– Water deeply, especially during prolonged heatwaves.

– Protect roses from intense sunlight by providing partial shade if needed.

– Prune lightly to remove any damaged or excessive growth.

September: Transitioning to Fall

Prepare your roses for the changing season:

– Reduce fertilization as plants start to slow down.

– Continue regular watering but be mindful of cooler temperatures.

– Consider transplanting or adding new roses to your garden.

October: Winding Down

As autumn sets in, guide your roses into a period of rest:

– Prune lightly to remove any remaining dead or diseased wood.

– Mulch around the base to protect roots from winter cold.

– Complete any final pest control measures.

November: Winterizing Wisdom

Get your roses ready for winter dormancy:

– Wrap delicate varieties with burlap for added protection.

– Remove fallen leaves to prevent disease.

– Complete a final inspection for pests and treat as necessary.

December: Reflecting and Planning

Conclude the year with thoughtful consideration:

– Reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year.

– Plan for next year’s garden, considering new varieties or improvements.

– Take time to appreciate the enduring beauty of your roses in the winter garden.

By following Clive’s Gardening Services monthly care guide, you’ll provide your roses with the attention they need throughout the year, ensuring a garden filled with timeless elegance and continuous bloom. If you dont have spare time to attend to your rose garden, contact CGS to come and give you a quote. 🌹✨