Cassetta Sfingi

Cassetta Sfingi


Length (external) 80cmWidth (external) 30cm

Length (internal) 75cmWidth (internal) 19.5cm

Height (internal) 25cm – Height (external) 28cm 


Embrace the Charm of the Cassetta Sfingi: 

Galestro Clay Excellence

The Cassetta Sfingi Italian terracotta pot, crafted from the exceptional  Tuscan Galestro clay, is a testament to Tuscany’s rich artisanal heritage. This unique clay, prized for its durability and rich, earthy tones, is sourced from the Tuscan hills and is renowned for its ability to withstand the elements while maintaining its natural beauty.

The Cassetta Sfingi pot is rectangular with a sleek, elegant design, featuring intricate sphinx motifs (Sfingi) that adorn its sides. These detailed decorations, coupled with the pot’s unglazed, warm reddish-pink hue, highlight the classical artistry and attention to detail characteristic of handmade Tuscan pottery.

Galestro clay’s robust nature allows the Cassetta Sfingi to age gracefully, developing a unique patina over time that enhances its historical charm and adds depth to its appearance. This pot is ideal for a variety of plants, from lush herbs to vibrant flowers, making it a versatile addition to any garden or patio.

Incorporating a Cassetta Sfingi pot into your space brings a touch of Tuscany’s classical elegance and enduring quality, blending functionality with timeless aesthetic appeal.