East Lancashire Hedge Trimming

Hedging is a great environment for your garden’s ecosystem as you are turning your garden boundary into a wildlife habitat for insects, birds and small animals. It is also more pleasing to the eye than a wooden fence.

There are so many flowering varieties of hedges that are great for our pollinators. Hedges that flower normally produce berries for birds in the winter as well so it’s a win, win situation.

Clive’s Gardening Services offer hedge trimming and cutting in and around the Ribble Valley area. The company is a family business offering gardening with a personal touch our approach is:


“treat every garden we work in as if it were our own and leave it clean and tidy when we have finished”


CGS have all their own equipment for cutting boundary hedges, shrubs and bushes. Henchman tripod ladders, Stihl hedge trimmers of varying sizes and shapes.


Last year Clive’s Gardening Services invested in a lot of eco-friendly battery-operated equipment for general lawn care, in 2021 CGS will start moving over to cordless battery-operated hedge trimmers as well.


Clive cuts lots of different plants there are a few examples below:


A box (Buxus) hedge lining a York stone path in front of a period property.

Hedge trimming Box 

One of the properties Clive attends has a couple of arches with Wisteria climbing over them, the client likes the climbers tidy and the white Doves find them a great viewing platform.

Wisteria Hedge trimming

Copper Beech is a very popular hedging plant and Clive cuts a lot of this and the Common Green Beech.

Hedgetrimming copper beech

If your Lilac tree is blocking the light out of your conservatory call Clive to shape it for you.

Hedge trimming lilac

Privet is a semi-evergreen that grows fast, and it cuts well making a nice dense hedge whether you want crisp sharp edges or softer smooth edges.

Hedge trimming privet

One of Clive’s clients had a selection of Heathers they look much more appealing to the eye nicely shaped.

Hedge trimming heather

English Yew is another hedge CGS cut a lot of. It is easily maintained, plus it’s a dense evergreen so good for privacy and soundproofing from a road.

Hedge trimming yew

As well as cutting hedging we can supply and plant hedging of all types including flowering, evergreen, full shade, partial shade and hedges for exposed gardens and outside spaces.

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