The majority of Clive’s Gardening Services clients are prestige properties owners, the portfolio of gardens we maintain has grown through word and mouth recommendations or clients walking past properties Clive is working at and noticing our branded works van.

Prestige Property Van Image
Clive’s van next to a front lawn he had just scarified.
CGS has realised prestige property owners lead such busy lifestyles that even though they enjoy relaxing in their gardens. They do not have the time or the inclination to do their own garden. All prestige properties have boundaries and in most, in cases, it is a mature hedge. Below show a couple of hedge projects Clive’s Gardening Services have carried out
Prestige Property Hedging

Hedge trimming Before & After

Where possible CGS use their Ego eco-friendly battery-operated tools in your gardens to reduce noise and air pollution.

ECO friendly mowing

CGS can also deal with a small tree and ivy removal, we are proud to advise even our chainsaw is battery operated meaning it also is eco friendly therefore it is helping to reduce the carbon footprint in your garden.

Small tree Ivy Removal 

Have you had construction workers or hard landscapers working at your property recently? Call CGS to make your garden a pleasant space to be in again.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

Clearing leaves, spring tidy ups or autumn tidy ups in the garden Clives Gardening Services have the equipment required to deal with all size gardens.

CGS Fence Painting

With fencing and wooden garden sheds and buildings being so expensive it makes sense to have them painted annually with wood preservative.
Fence painting Service 
Most prestige properties face on to a lane but as Clive finds only to often this area does not get maintained by local authorities, most local residents when walking past advise him he does a better job than the council.
Hedge trimming
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