Lawn Care


If you require an estimate for regular lawn maintenance, or annual lawn procedures call Clive now on 07889 599 944. Clive’s Gardening Services are a family business, not a franchise we like to think of our regular clients more like friends.


From mowing and edging right through to scarification and hollow tining CGS own all their own premium brand machinery so we can provide these services.


Lawn mowing and edging


For the majority of our lawn cutting, CGS use an Eco-friendly EGO battery-operated mower, this is the second season we have been using this mower and our clients love it as it is so much quieter and there is less pollution. Even though this is not a mower with a roller it leaves great stripes on the turf.


Clive’s Gardening Services can offer you a package with 5 treatments a year for your lawn to help keep your moss under control and to keep your lawn looking green and lush.

We provide 5 lawn treatments throughout the year. Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter. Contact Clive to book in your Lawn treatment package and get your lawn care schedule.


Lawn repairs and levelling

Here is a lawn repair Clive did on a quadrant flower bed last season after scarification Clive removed the wood and shaped the border.

Lawn Repair 

The below images show a property that had a lawn with a slight slope after the ornamental wall was built this was levelled with grade 1 topsoil, levelled, overseeded and top dressed it was then watered daily for about 6 weeks now you cannot tell any difference.

Lawn Care x 4 



When a lawn is scarified it removes the moss and thatch layer from the lawns top layer. Thatch and moss starve the roots of water, air and nutrients. Scarification is the mechanical process of cutting your lawn with a machine which has a number of small vertical blades on a cylinder.

Your lawn may need overseeding after it has been scarified depending on how much thatch and moss was taken out of the lawn by the scarifier.

We generally scarify in the Spring March-May and in the Autumn September – November.

CGS Scarifier




Aeration is the process carried out to reduce compaction on the lawns top layer of soil. Before aeration the top layer of your turf will consist of the following layers:

  • Grass.
  • Thatch layer.
  • Shallow lawn roots.
  • Compacted hard soil.


After aeration, your lawn will have had thousands of cores removed. This will allow the following to get into the soil layer.

  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Air


Once your lawn has been aerated and some of the compacted layers has been removed it is an ideal time to overseed and top dress the sward.


Clive’s Gardening Services recommend this process to be carried out on a lawn annually, so the compaction layer and thatch layer is kept to a minimum giving your lawn a chance to get all the water, air and nutrients it needs.


Contact Clive to discuss turf management for your lawn:

07889 599 944 or email