Garden maintenance

Clive’s Gardening Services is a local family business offering services to the Ribble Valley and surrounding local areas.

For our clients we offer regular garden maintenance whether that is weekly or fortnightly. CGS also offer their services to ad hoc clients who need assisted garden for the jobs they don’t have the tools for or for when they are too busy with work or on holiday.

CGS is an Eco-friendly company trying to use battery technology equipment and machinery for most of the garden care and projects assigned to them. CGS minimise use of fossil fuel equipment to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce your gardens carbon footprint.

Clive is a firm believer in trying to reduce air pollution where possible.

Eco friendly gardening

Some of the garden care services available from Clive’s Gardening Services are as follows:

Lawn care

Whether you require a first cut for your lawn after winter, or if you require your grass to have a regular weekly or fortnightly mow and edges done, CGS can book you in the diary. If your turf needs to be scarified or aerated Clive’s Gardening Services have all the machinery to do these turf management processes.

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Hedge cutting


Whether you have a boundary hedge of common beech, hawthorn, firethorn, holly, yew, privet, laurel, maple, copper beech, leylandii, red cedar, hornbeam, Pyracanth, Beriberi’s, Cotoneaster, Blackthorn, Viburnum, Common gorse, Lilac, Rosemary, Alder, Crab apple, Forsythia, Wild cherry, Flowering currant, Hebe, Skimmia, Sambucas, Weigela, Jasmine or Rose Clive’s Gardening Services have the equipment to trim or prune them.


Copper beech hedge


Topiary is the horticultural art of training trees, shrubs and plants into defined three-dimensional shape by trimming, pruning and clipping branches and leaves into desired shapes. Below are a couple of Clive’s clients who have topiary plants in their gardens.

Trees and shrubs suitable for topiary are, box, (Buxus), Chinese privet, Common yew, Bay laurel, Privet, Rosemary, Cedar, Spruce, Japanese holly, Lavender,



 All plants, shrubs and trees require pruning. The horticultural practice of pruning targets the 3 D’s, the removal of diseased, damaged and dead branches from the landscape plant. As well as removing the 3 D’s the other reasons for pruning are:

  • To get air into the centre of the plant.
  • To shape the plant so it is pleasing to the eye and the size stays proportional to the size garden it is growing in.

Plants must be pruned at the correct time of the year or otherwise if a flowering plant is pruned at the wrong time you run the risk of cutting off next year’s buds. Every plant has the correct month to be pruned.


The images below show two different pruning jobs the rhododendron tree which hadn’t been pruned for 16 years had a lot of branches crossing rubbing, this needed pruning with our eco friendly battery chainsaw. The Wysteria on the front of a property which needed cutting back with long handled loppers and secateurs.



Leaf removal


As mentioned on our Ribble Valley Lawn Care blog page the worst thing to do in the autumn and winter is leave, leaves on the lawn as it will encourage moss and disease to thrive on your lawn.

Whether you are regular client having your leaves cleared from your lawn, paths and driveway or weather you require an annual leaf clearance Clive has the leaf blowers for your size of garden and outside space.

Fallen leaf removal 

Spring or autumn garden tidy ups

As summer comes to an end and autumn begins it is time to do the autumn tidy up and out the garden to bed for the winter. For the lawn it means the last cut, plus scarification and aeration if required.

Weed borders and cut back herbaceous borders, empty tubs, troughs and hanging baskets. Plant spring bulbs as and where required. Wrap any delicate plants or shrubs with flowers so you don’t lose those flowers to the frost and snow after waiting all year for them.

Plants to have wrapped are tree ferns, Ferns, Magnolias, Rhododendron, Camelia and azalea to name but a few.

Plant Protection 

Before the wet weather arrives is a great time to paint fences and outbuildings with wood preservatives.



The spring garden tidy up is finishing off those jobs that didn’t completed in the autumn / winter due to the shortage of day light hours. As days lengthen again it’s time to finish off tidying up the herbaceous borders and collecting up the last of the leaves.

Herbaceous Broder 

Gutters cleared

If your bungalow, garage, or outbuildings need their gutters clearing Clive can do this. Have your gutters cleared could prevent them overflowing with water and starting damp on your property walls.

Gutter Clearing 

Jet washing

Jet washing should be carried out twice a year, at the end of summer and early spring. When your patio, driveway, paths, wall caps or hard standing area are green with algae and moss it is definitely time to get them power washed before someone slips and has an accident.

See our Jetwashing blog for results from our machine, we just use water no chemicals.

For pressure washing we require access to an outside tap.

Professional Jetwashing

Outside DIY jobs

If you need any small DIY jobs doing in your garden, please mention it to Clive before he attends your property, so he brings the right tools and materials.

It doesn’t matter if your gate needs a new latch, your gutter needs a new bracket, or you want hanging basket brackets putting up for those hanging baskets Clive has done for you.

Fixings & Fittings

To check the other jobs Clive’s Gardening Services can do in your outdoor space click the link:

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