A happy new year and a decade to all of you reading our blog.

This is normally a quieter month in the garden but there is still a lot of plant clearing and maintenance work to be done. Fences and wooden outbuildings also need attention.

Images below show a new structure in a Meadow garden that CGS maintain, as the structure was a new build we toned it down by painting it with Cuprinol Forest Greenwood preservative to blend in with the meadows surroundings.

Cuprinol Forest Green


Clives Gardening Services recommend fence panels are painted annually to prevent your panels from rotting.

Painting annually


Herbaceous plants need to be cut down making way for spring bulbs to come through.

Herbaceous plants


Clear all hanging baskets, tubs, and containers, then if you don’t replant with winter bedding, raise the tubs and containers off the ground so they don’t get waterlogged.

Clearing all hanging baskets


It’s also a good time of year to prune Apple and Pear trees.

Any dead leaves on lawns that haven’t been cleared need to be cleared or they will cause moss to start to grow in the lawn.

Remember to clear paths, patios and driveways as well so family members don’t slip.

Before and after images below.

Clearing paths


Clearing Driveways


Another job for Patios, paths, steps, and driveways is jet washing to remove algae and moss. A selection of before during and after images below.

Cleaning Steps


If you only do one thing in your garden this winter…..


Remember to put out some food for the birds

10 of the best things to feed birds in the winter are:

  • Black oil sunflower seed.
  • Peanuts
  • Suet
  • Mixed seed
  • Thistle seed
  • Scafflower seed
  • Cracked corn
  • Mealworms
  • Fruit
  • Homemade bird treats


With pre-Christmas and New Year being a busy time for most if you need CGS to build you some tubs or hanging baskets get in touch. There is nothing like some winter colour in the garden.

Clearing all hanging baskets


One job which has been increasingly popular this winter is Ivy removal, when planted it looks nice, but if not pruned and manged professionally it soon gets out of control. Due to Ivy being such a thug and growth being so vigorous we recommend pruning at least 2 – 3 times a year so it doesn’t cause damage to brickwork, soffits, gutters and ridge tiles to name but a few items. The last Ivy removal job CGS did we removed 8 ton of ivy off a gable end of a prestigious property.

Ivy removal project


If you have a landscaping or building project at your property that has been held up by the wet winter weather call CGS we will sort out some soft landscaping as a temporary fix so you can look into the garden and things look tidy till the weather improves.

Landscaping Projects


So many people nowadays are using log burners. If you have had sections of trees delivered or a tree dropped at the property that you need cutting up into logs call CGS we have all the right equipment and safety clothing to do the job.

Wood for log burners


With the leaves off climbers it’s in the winter when they look scrawly and a mess, the images below show a Wysteria and Honeysuckle before and after a trim back. It is also the right time of year to have other varieties of climbers and ground shrubs trimmed back to encourage new growth in the spring.

Wysteria and Honeysuckle before and after a trim back


While the ground is soft it is also a great time to get on top of weeding before the now small weeds become established and seed and spread.


Any jobs you need assistance with or want to be done, please call Clive @Clive’s Gardening Services at your earliest convenience.

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