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Lawn care services early 2023

Lawn first cuts


With temperatures rising a couple of degrees each year due to climate change, the grass-cutting season is getting longer.


2021, Clive’s last cut was 18th November.

2022, Clive’s last cut was 5th December.


Clive thinks in a few years’ time as the seasons merge lawns will be cut all year round. Clive’s Gardening Services has a selection of mowers for all sizes and lawn types, below is a small selection of lawns we cut. With CGS taking part in Challenge 2025, where possible on the smaller residential lawns we use our Ego Lithium Battery Powered equipment.

Battery powered mowing


For the client who likes a striped lawn so they can tell the gardeners have been CGS have the Honda petrol roller mower.

Honda Mower

For prestige properties with small paddocks and large lawn areas, we use the pedestrian twin-blade wide-cut mower. Which cuts 40% quicker than the normal commercial mower due to the width of the cut.

Twin bladed mower

The latest addition to the CGS mower range in 2022 as properties got larger was this 36” side discharge ride-on mower. Ideal for very large lawns, paddocks, and fields up to about 2 acres.

Large Paddock gardening


The first cuts for 2023 will commence the week of 13/02/2022.

Week commencing 13/2/2023 is full already. Availability in the following week at the time of writing.


Lawn Treatments


For a healthy lawn, your lawn will need 5 treatments a year. Contact CGS now to book the first treatment.

A lawn treatment was applied to the below lawn, two weeks before it was scarified, aerated, overseeded and top-dressed.

Lawn treatment specialist


Lawn Scarification & Aeration


No jobs for February but get booked in for March /April for annual scarification.

March – Mid-November for aeration


In 2021 our largest large care job was a property that had a sprawling ½ acre rear lawn with a large turning circle.

Work carried out, treatments, scarification, aeration, overseeding and top dressing.

Lawn care specialist