Garden Tidy-up

Leaf clearing to prevent damage – Early 2023

Clearing Leaves

If you didn’t get your leaves cleared before Christmas, get them cleared as soon as possible, image 2 shows a section of a lawn where the leaves were left and have now damaged the lawn which will now need reseeding.


Garden tidy ups

Again, some people got tied up too much with work, shopping, and Christmas preparations in December that the garden got put on the back burner. With Spring / Easter not being so far away get your garden booked in for a tidy-up. Below are images of some gardens we did pre-finishing for Xmas and new year downtime.


 Wood Preservative /Painting for Gates, Fencing & Structures


Clive’s Gardening Services recommend you have CGS paint your gates, fences, and wood structures every two years for some of our projects below.

Wood Preservative /Painting for Gates, Fencing & Structures