Lawn Care

Hollow Tine Aeration

Is usually performed by a mechanical machine to thin out sub-surface thatch in turf. It does this by the machine’s tines removing thousands of cores from the lawn. This allows more water, nutrients and oxygen to get to the lawns root system.

How often should my lawn have the hollow tine aeration process?

A normal use lawn will require aeration once a year. However, if you have pets and children constanstantly using the lawn we recommend twice a year.


What to do after aeration?

If your lawn does not require overseeding and topdressing allow the cores to dry out then go over the lawn with a mower to distribute the soil.

When Should a lawn be hollow tined?

The best times are spring and autumn, but the main rule of thumb is when the lawn is firm but not hard.

Aeration Or Scarification first?

Clive often gets asked this. It’s better to scarify before aeration. But if having Clives Gardening Services doing both processes. Allow a few days / a week in between to allow the lawn to recover from the shock.

Is there any preparation required before aeration?

Before aeration a low cut is required, Clives Gardening will do this included in the process.

What is the difference between Scarifying & Aeration?

Hollow tine Aeration is a process to improve air, nutrients and oxygen into the turfs root system, and reduce the effects of compaction.
Scarification is the process of removing unwanted material from the lawn, thatch and moss mainly allowing the grass to become stronger and breathe.