Pond Removal Services

East Lancashire Pond Removal Services

Clive’s Gardening Services offer east Lancashire pond removal services and can remove and fill in your garden pond if it has outgrown its welcome in your outside garden space.

An overgrown pond is great for your garden’s ecosystem food chain but unfortunately, a lot of people lead busy lives now and want a low maintenance garden. Sometimes creating a low maintenance garden can have an impact on not just your gardens ecosystem but your villages ecosystem as well.

The image below shows a garden pond and surrounding area that had not been maintained for a good while. Clive’s Gardening Services were tasked with removing the pond and filling it in.

Pond Removal 1

The first task was to cut back all plant life around the pond area, we didn’t realize but it had been planted in a gravel area with large boulders around the pond.

Pond Removal 2

Once all green vegetation had been removed, the water and sludge were removed from the pond and nine frogs were relocated from various areas around the pond.

Pond Removal 3&4

 Next task out with the pond liner, on this pond it was a fibreglass shaped liner.

Pond Removal 6

 The large rocks around the pond were used to fill in the pond and the remainder the client wanted to use them in the new garden design, so they moved to the flower border on request.

Pond Removal 6a

With the rocks in situ, we raked the large gravel and soil across to give a rough level.

Rocks in place

Once at this stage there are two choices for the client if they are grassing the area over.

One of the areas can be turfed over for instant results. Two, if the client is on a budget order some topsoil level over and seeds it. If seeding remembers grass seed won’t germinate in cold weather. Here the grass seed method was used.


If the client has small children or dogs CGS put a string around the newly seeded area to keep small feet off the seed.

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