EGO Power Plus Battery Lawn Mower

“Cuts like a petrol mower, just cuts out the petrol!”


As usual Clive’s Gardening Services (CGS) are constantly reinvesting in new equipment, so your garden maintenance can be done more efficiently.

In June Clive purchased a battery-powered lawnmower and rapid charger to charge Ego’s revolutionary Arc Lithium batteries. The range of tools Ego Power Plus offer matches the power of its rivals, without needing fuel itself.


The mower folds down to the size of a suitcase, so less storage space is required, and it takes up less room whilst being transported.

Powered by a battery unit, this equals less downtime due to servicing.

Clive’s Gardening Services being an Eco-friendly company are pleased to announce the Ego Power Plus tool range produces less noise, ideal for those early morning appointments.

Plus, zero emissions into the environment.

The image below shows one of the Ego Power Plus (EPP) Arc Lithium battery, on the rapid charger. EPP is the market leader in having the fasting charging batteries for garden tools.

EPP also offered the industry’s first 56v battery.

Battery & Rapid Charger 1

Out in the field, the Ego mower still stripes the lawn likes its petrol equivalent.

Whether your lawn is the traditional rectangle or a circle the Ego mower is light to maneuver and will be ideal for mowing your lawn.

See the Mower in operation Click the link

Another great positive for Clive about this mower is it weighs 28kg against 48kg of his current mower this size….

It really is a win, win situation all-round for Clive’s Gardening Services.

This blog will be work in progress as CGS keep reinvesting in other products from the Ego Power Plus range to add to their toolkit. Please check back from time to time.


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