Lawn Edging Solutions

It is a known fact that a nice crisp edge can set off a lawn.

Images below show a garden lawn edge Clive’s Gardening Services (CGS) cut for a client in Clitheroe, in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

The only problem with cutting an edge and leaving it is it will need cutting weekly to maintain that crisp straight edge.

The installation of an edging solution will mean your edges stay straight and do not crumble or merge into lawns, drives, pathways and patios, once installed it is maintenance-free, no cutting of lawn edges with a half-moon edger.

The edging solution CGS use comes in various profiles and colours to suit your project requirement. Whether you have a small or large garden CGS can install this first-class lawn edging solution at your property.

You might have fruit trees, specimen trees, bushes or flower beds in your lawn this is not a problem. CGS can install metal ring edging solutions which come in 1’0”, 2’.0”, 3’0”, 4’.0” and 5’0” ft diameter rings to keep that circle around your plant looking crisp.

Images below show a project Clive completed recently in Penwortham, Preston with the edging solution this time slate grey was used with a 100mm profile.

The clients requested the installation of a purple slate chipping path and patio area. The lawn was marked out with the design the client requested.

The ground was soft due to recent Storm Dennis, so boards were laid to spread the weight on the lawn and avoid compression where possible.

Working back around the area the shape started to take effect.

With the excavation complete the next job was the installation of the metal lawn edging solution.

With the ground being very soft and two little furry helpers in the garden today the installation of the lawn edging solution was soon complete.

The next step was to start laying and securing the membrane so it is ready for the welsh purple slate chippings top go on. After the stone was delivered it was time to barrow it in.

With the excavated section now backfilled with the purple slate chippings. That section of the project was complete.

The client had also requested that their seating area be brought up to the same level as the new purple slate path.

A lot of water had collected in this Patio area due to the adverse weather conditions of the last couple of weeks and poor drainage in that area.

Even one of the neighbours commented: what a great job, and how good it looked!!


If you require Clive to install you a metal lawn edging solution or lay you some slate for a path, patio, or driveway please get in touch.


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