Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Having a lovely garden is one thing but with everyone leading such busy lives being able to commit a large amount of time to maintain your outside space is another thing. The joy of that lovely garden soon disappears to many when they are spending the majority of each weekend keeping it in tip-top condition.

As spring is fast approaching now is the time to discuss with Clive’s Gardening Services on how to make your garden lower maintenance.

If considering new plants and shrubs stay clear of certain creepers, as they are rambunctious.

Below are images of two prestige properties CGS removed ivy from in the autumn of 2019

Instead of flowerbeds and shrubs CGS could plant you a hedge, they are great for wildlife and they only need cutting once or twice a year depending on hedge type.

A large laurel on the left which had 3 – 4 ft off the height and 2 -3 ft off the face. On the right a Beech hedge known as copper beech or purple beech. The correct month to cut a beech hedge is August book in early as it’s a very busy month for Clive’s Gardening Services.

You may wish to take out a flower bed and replace with gravel or slate and then stand pots on it with specimen plants or seasonal flowers depending on how much you want to do in your garden.

Another great option for the wildlife lover is a meadow garden. This a fantastic alternative to normal garden turf that has to be cut weekly in the summer. Meadow turf just needs one cut a year in January after the winter to make way for the new season’s growth. It’s a great way to encourage pollinators and wildlife into your garden.

The image on the left shows the flowers the meadow garden generates, while on the left when the flowers have died there is still seed interest causing interest for the birds.

Mulching – weeding is a job we all love to hate; you can guarantee you will finish the weeding and the next day there will be more weeds growing already. You can hire CGS to spread a good layer of mulch to help stop persistent weeds getting through.

CGS can supply locally sourced class 1 mulch as in the images below.

Or if you have your own ideas that you want Clive’s Gardening Services to create for you, please give us a call for a free no-obligation estimate.

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