Prepare for Winter

Preparing your garden for Winter

One minute we are enjoying the late summer sunshine in September, suddenly the first of October arrives, and the leaves are falling the mornings are noticeably darker later and the evenings are drawing in.

Now is the time to clear up rotting and finished plants. Besides looking untidy old plants can harbor disease, pests, and funguses. If your spent plants are disease-free add them to the compost heap or bury them in trenches in borders.

Rotting Plants


The below image shows an herbaceous border Clive’s Gardening Services (CGS) had to sort out this month.

Autumn is a great time to put nutrients back into the soil after plants have drawn the goodness out all summer. CGS can supply organic compost, either delivered or delivered and spread on your soil if you are too busy.

Organic Compost

Now is the time to prune perennials make sure you prune the right ones though, herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage will definitely benefit from pruning. While Raspberries continue to nourish the plants’ crown, blueberries also prefer spring pruning.

The image below shows a blueberry (top hat variety) in Clive’s garden.


If in the spring, you dug up your spring bulbs now is the time to divide and replant them. Remember it is always best to plants bulbs a bit deeper so that animals can not dig them up and eat them.

The images show tulips being planted in patio pots.

Planting Bulbs

Now is the time to replenish mulch. Mulching is ideal to prevent water loss, protect the soil from erosion, it will also slow down weed growth. Adding a thick layer of mulch in winter will help regulate soil temperature plus it will protect roots that aren’t so deep in the soil. As mulch breaks down it incorporates fresh organic material into your soil.

CGS offers three other options for mulch:

  • Wood Chip
  • Conifer
  • Larch.

Below conifer is on the left and larch on the right

Conifer & Larch


As autumn arrives the grass stops growing its time for those final cuts, so the lawn looks tidy for the winter months.

The images show a client’s garden in Simonstone at the end of the season just before the last cut was due.

Before & After Last Cut


Once October arrives the leaves start to fall off the trees, whether it be your lawn, driveway, patio or pathways Clive’s Gardening Services will clear the leaves at your property for you.

Wiswell Leaf Clearance

In the third week of October, I found myself doing autumn tidy up for a client. The client requested I tidied up this conifer for her.


Trimmed Conifers

October is the start of the new gardening year, its time to plan your garden for next year. This client was finding the garden was getting too much for her and requested CGS made the garden low maintenance for her.

The images show the garden and after.

Low Maintenance Garden

It doesn’t matter what hedge type you have at your property CGS have the tools to cut it

Before During and After

When tidying up the garden for the winter it is the ideal time to get CGS in to jetwash your drive, patio, paths, and steps to remove algae and moss.

The picture below shows a work in progress job where you can see the difference.


Last but not least before the weather turns,  get CGS to apply a coat of preservative to your wooden fences and wooden structures.

CGS Creosoting

Shed before creosoting

CGS Creosoting Shed Before



Shed after creosoting

CGS Creosoting After