October Leaves

Clearing Fallen Leaves

Deciduous trees provide shade to outdoor spaces throughout the summer months and add brilliant colour to the canopy in autumn. These leaves inevitably fall from the trees, forming a dense blanket over the lawn which will starve the lawn of light and air; two things which it needs to thrive. A small amount of leaves, such as from a single ornamental tree, easily decomposes to benefit the grass, but thick layers of leaves can block light and smother the grass, especially when the leaves get wet. Your grass can die under the leaves if you don’t remove the leaves from the lawn area on a regular basis.

Leaf cover will also help moss to form, which will require further work in the spring months.

Wet leaves are also a great hiding place for slugs and snails.

Clive’s advice to you is ring Clive’s Gardening Services 07889 599 944 and book them to clear your leaves whilst you are sat inside with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book.

or email us on clivesgardeningservices@gmail.com

Eco-Friendly Tip

Use fallen on empty beds and use them as mulch or create hedgehog nests in a remote garden corner.

Another option is to bag up the fallen leaves and let them rot down into organic compost it will most probably take a year to do so.

Before and after at prestige property in Simonstone. 20 bags of green waste from leaves and trimming hedges and shrubs bordering the parking area and driveways. One of CGS regular customers who have been with us since Clive’s Gardening Services started.



Before Image - Hazard of Falling Leave on Moss

Before Image – Hazard of Falling Leave on Moss


After Image – Leaves removed ready to tackle the moss


Driveways can become slippery and hazardous if not cleared regularly, CGS has all the right tools for the job to make this a quick job.



Whether your household contains young children or elderly citizens have fallen leaves on patios and paths and stairs are a recipe for an accident.

images show before and after pictures.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing Clive’s Gardening Services will come out and clear up your fallen leaves.