Lancashire Hedge Trimming Services

If you need your hedge cutting Clive’s Gardening Services can do the hard work for you so all you have to do is sit in your garden and enjoy the weather and a Gin and tonic.

CGS offers the following services:

  • Hedge and border trimming
  • Maintenance of ornamental hedges
  • Supply and apply hedge growth and health products
  • Hedge reduction and re-shaping
  • Topiary trimming
  • Hedge root removal

Clive’s Gardening Services have all the right equipment.

Scaffolding so we can work on hedges up to three meters high. Correct step ladders which are in line with BS EN 131 regulations.

Last but not least all CGS equipment are premium brand products. Stihl has known the world over CGS have a normal double-sided 24” hedge trimmer for larger hedges and 30” hedge trimmers for finer hedge types. We also have a pole trimmer for wider hedges and a pruning chainsaw to use on stumps on the ground.

CGS is a licensed green waste carrier so we can remove all green waste from site and leave your property tidy.

Let CGS supply you a free no-obligation quote for your hedges.

What our clients have said:

Pam & Stuart – Penwortham, Preston, South Ribble

“We are delighted with such a neat and precise job, all aspects fully covered.

The property is now looking very presentable indeed.

Some before and after images from various jobs:

Clients had recently moved in and the old owners had let the hedge get two foot overgrown

After CGS did some shaping it looked like this:

Finished Hedge

This rear garden hedge was so overgrown the clients couldn’t open the dustbins.
After a good trim with the 30” Stihl hedge trimmer, it looked much smarter.
A Hazelnut and Hawthorn hedge being brought back into shape in Clitheroe, Ribble Valley.
The finished hedge to the left of the garden
At the rear of the garden, the hedging was laurel, CGS needed scaffolding to get to the top of it then the pole trimmer as it was over 10ft wide.
To the right of the garden the hedge went on to a Meadow, this hadn’t been cut for 4 or 5 years images show before and during.