Lawn Care Lichen Infestation

Everybody will agree that a nicely cut lawn makes a garden look nice, some nicely cut sharp edges will really make the lawn look good. Clive always cut lawn edges twice before and after cutting the lawn.

Honda Mower


The above edge shows a nice double cut crisp lawn edge.


A lot of people often forget grass is a plant and needs to be treated like all other plants in the garden, that means they also need to be fed and watered when required.

Like all living things, they can suffer from diseases. Sometimes the line between weeds and diseases gets blurred. Some gardeners call lichen a weed because they are forms of plant, but they are classed as diseases. More often than not where there is a bad infestation of lichen there is also a bad infestation of moss.


What causes these infestations:


1) the lawn hasn’t had a moss killer applied for a while.

2) the lawn hasn’t had fertilizer applied

3) the lawn is being cut at the wrong height

4) to much shade

5) the lawn is to damp / poor drainage


In short, the lawn has been poorly maintained.

Poorly maintained garden


Another image showing how bad the moss is on the lawn, more often than not Lichens and Moss go hand in hand on a poorly maintained lawn.

shading over garden


An image from the side of the whole lawn, it has a lot of trees to the right and hedges all-round causing shading plus it’s a very wet lawn.

To get rid of the Lichen and Moss is a four-visit and eight-week process.



The first part of the process is to cut the lawn and scarify the lawn in both directions.

After sacrification


After raking the lawn after scarification the lawn was cut in the opposite direction. After that, the lawn was dressed in lawn sand to kill the Lichen and Moss infestation.

dressed in lawn sand


Two weeks later was the 2nd visit.


two weeks later


On this visit, the first job for Clive was to rake out the dead lichens and moss.

rake out the dead lichens and moss


The image below shows the result after a good raking. With a large amount of the lichen and moss out, there was still a large amount in the lawn. Clive next dressed the lawn with a 4 in 1 dressing.


Clive next dressed the lawn with a 4 in 1 dressing


On the next visit, the lawn was looking a lot greener.

greener more healthy lawn


There was more black moss so the raking process took place again. One of the images below shows the amount of moss and lichens that came off the lawn.


before and after removal of lichens


The below image shows the lawn on the last visit being overseeded and top dressed with organic compost


being overseeded and top dressed with organic compost


Two weeks later and the lawn was growing well.

2 weeks later


The image below shows the lawn two weeks later after the client had cut his own new lawn.

new lawn end result