Edging Products

Edging products have a multitude of uses, their primary use is for traditional lawns next to borders or paths.
Instaling an edging product gives you a crisp clean straight edge.
Edging products come in a collection of colours, green, brown, slate and black and a variety of
depth profiles.
One recent use I had for the edging product was to use it against a meadow lawn, I have a small patch of meadow and
the grass next to it was growing into it which was annoying me, plus it was difficult to cut in the narrow space. Good practice states a lawn path should be at least a meter wide.
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I offered up the edging product to see how it looked
The next job was to cut out the turf, as a turf cutter wouldn’t fit in here, it was a case of using a spade. I cut a straight edge at the end with my Kent & Stowe edging half-moon tool.
As I was only installing one as I needed some more stone I retained the end turf with a piece of wood and then knocked the edging product in place.
Next, I lined topped the soil with visqueen, creosoted the edging wood on the right, then filled with some stones I had to use up.
For the finished result see the banner image at the top of the page.
I also used the edging product for a client whose borders were spilling out on to her path, to solve this problem I installed the edging product for her. I wasn’t as easy as knocking it in place in this case as there was concrete next to the edging stone. The finished result did look good though.