Lancashire Pressure Washing Services

It’s that time of year again and everybody is thinking about bar-b-ques in the garden or inviting friends and family round for drinks and games in the garden.

To get your outdoor space ready for the summer Clive’s Gardening Services can jet wash your patio, paths, walls and driveways as required.
Here is a clients patio before I started to clean it by jet washing, as an eco-friendly we do not use chemicals to bleach stonework.
The patio was laid two years but there had been no maintenance in that time.
Once CGS started power washing the results could be seen immediately.
Working across the main area the coloured stone really started to look again as the algae were washed away.
With the small flower pots then removed in front of the conservatory, the final section of the patio was then done.
As CGS completed the rain had arrived, so it was time to rinse it over and get all the clients sofas and tables back on the patio.
Back at the clients’ property this week with all the patio furniture in situ and no rain…
Check out our video below
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