Planting Dahlia Tubers

At present, Clive has Dahlias all over the place in his main shed, in the Potting Shed, and in the conservatory.

May the 12th is recommended to be the date to plant your Dahlias as the frosts are over. (Or so the day!) Clive had a free day on May 11th and he started to plant his tubers. Clive has been growing Dahlias for well over 10 years he grows them in memory of his Dad who used to be a keen Dahlia grower.

The first job is to space the sticks use 5ft or 6ft sticks depending on the height of the dahlias.

Clive is very passionate about supporting small local businesses but last year on Instagram he stumbled across a Dahlia specialist in Holland with some lovely varieties in stock, an order was placed…

The tubers arrived in a box wrapped in pink tissue paper. With lots of pictures and notes etc in the box. Some very nice touches.

With the Tubers out on the drive, Clive checked on his colours and varieties he’d ordered,

Dig a good sized hole so the tuber is about 5cm below the soil line.

Back fill with CGS organic compost. Clive leaves the old daffodil leaves around the compost mound for protection for the young plants when they come through.

With the front gardens Dahlias  all planted, Clive went in and within two minutes, hailstones!!