Lawn Scarification

Clive’s Gardening Services visited one of their weekly clients in Wiswell this week to do some lawn care. The lawn actually is in good condition but as in many household gardens, it is the plant in the garden which is always neglected. My example lawn is a good quality lawn because there is no shade over the lawn, there is a breeze coming in from over the fields, plus a mower is used with a sharp blade so it cuts not rips the grass. One last thing it is cut regularly, taking off small amounts.

Now CGS get down to the lawn caretaking images at each stage.

Firstly the two petrol machines CGS will use for the job, a small Honda Mower, and our Camon Scarifier.

The first job cut the lawn, as this is a regular cut, taking off little and often CGS have the mower set to its lowest setting, stripes are cut on the lawn in a different direction each time to strengthen the lawn.

Next job CGS scarified the lawn going over it in 2 different directions.

Here is a close up of the lawn showing after scarification showing the small amount of moss taken out but in the case of this lawn the main issue was thatch. Thatch stops the lawn from breathing properly. Even though we had a cut about 1cm some of this thatch was up to 15cm in length.

The next image shows what CGS raked off this lawn, maybe half a grass box.

After the rake over, the lawn looks rough after that nice cut so CGS cut the lawn again to tidy it up. It is cut in a different direction again to strengthen the lawn.

With a tidy lawn CGS empty the box, nearly a full box of lawn clippings.

At the clients request a 4 in 1 lawn treatment was also applied by CGS.

With the edges all done the lawn is finished and the client happy. So is the lawn as it can now breathe properly.