Pampus Grass Pruning

Clive’s Gardening Services were asked to a spring tidy up in a clients garden recently. The back garden had 3 ornamental kinds of grass known commonly as Pampas Grass, also known as Cortaderia Selloana. They grow to about 6 foot 6 inches tall with very sharp edges on the grass. In total there are about 25 species of Pampas Grass which range from 3 foot in height upwards.

Overseas the ornamental grass is used to provide food for grazing animals. The feather flowers are used for flower arrangements and ornamental displays. The Pampas Grasses CGS had to prune had been left all winter so their beauty could be enjoyed In the garden all Winter.

1 of 3 Pampas Grass CGS had to prune back

When cutting down Pampas Grass wear gloves and long sleeves as the edges of the grass are sharp.


The image shows the plumes and grass cut down.


With all the grass and plumes cut down it soon revealed that the ladybirds had been nesting in the greenery

Over winter


Nesting Ladybirds in the foliage.



One Pampas Grass does create a lot of mess but CGS are licensed to remove your Green Waste. The finished product is shown below.


With everything cleared you are left with the crown



CGS clients garden looking good after a Spring Tidy Up.



The left-hand side of the “Briggs” Garden looking a lot smarter



Best time to prune: Late Winter before the new growth starts to shoot.