Petrol Mower Leaking Rocker Cover Gasket

There is nothing more annoying than a constant drip or small trickle coming from your leaking rocker cover gasket. Not only does a make a mess and become a health an safety risk it can also mean your petrol mowers engine could end up ceasing.

Clive’s Gardening Services (CGS) can change your rocket cover gasket making your engine oil tight again. We recommend when your new gasket is fitted you have an oil change as well.

The image shows the rocker cover on this DR Trimmer / Mower which has a 6.5hp OHV Briggs and Stratton engine. 

With the DR Trimmer / Mower rocker cover removed you can see in the Briggs and Stratton engine and at the bottom around the bolt hole you can see the failed gasket.

This shows the failed rocker cover gasket and the new gasket ready to be fitted to the Briggs and Stratton engine.

Before the new gasket was fitted the client had requested we refurbished the rocker cover before refitting. With everything back on and the grass cutter tested the rear of the walk behind petrol mower looked a lot smarter. The pedestrian mower was read for work again.

Estimate cost:

3/4hr labour to remove rocker cover, remove old gasket and any gasket sealant, reverse to refit.

Rocker cover gaskets will be charged depending on make and model of machine.

An oil service will be charged as per details our Mower Servicing webage.

Only parts replaced are covered by a warranty.

Collection and delivery service available at £1.20 per mile.

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